mardi 11 janvier 2011

Edgar Kohn shows his paintings at the Marx Bar

Josiane and one of her friends

Last night, I went for the first time to the « Marx Bar » for the opening of the exhibition of my friend artist Edgar Kohn. I am writing this message in English because I noticed everybody in the bar spoke English spontaneously. It is also for my English speaking friends of Luxembourg and of elsewhere, reading this message. I was served a shandy at the bar. I don’t know if Monday evening is a men’s evening out or what but there were practically only men there. Josiane, Edgar’s beloved, soon joined us with one of her friends.
The painting exhibition is on until 30.01.2011. The Marx Bar (42-44 Rue de Hollerich) is open 7 days a week 5pm to 1 am.
It was the first time I saw paintings by Edgar with colourful bubbles in the air in the background. Quite a good idea! A painting showed a man feeding a dog with chicken and there were quite a few new paintings. The music and the lights in the bar created a good atmosphere that was in harmony with Edgar Kohn’s paintings. I like Edgar’s paintings of men and women facing each other. I like the people he paints, their postures, his sense of humour, his settings and of course his bright colours.
Don't miss " Bird on a Wire" and " Happy to be Where..."
The Marx Bar is set back a bit from the rue Hollerich. It is before the Kebab House, on the same side of the street when you are heading towards the Rue Hollerich from Luxembourg-City. If you catch the bus, it is a bit before the only bus stop of the rue Hollerich. If you have a GPS, you will find the place easily.


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