mardi 4 novembre 2008


Nadine Kay

I always loved learning to draw and to paint at school. It was a high school teacher who taught me how to use acrylic. At the time, I used to paint star signs and landscapes on pins. They were successful.

I stopped painting in 1987, the year when I started studying languages (French and English) in order to be a language teacher, I now work at the Centre de Langues in Luxembourg (since 1997) and in Mersch (since September 2008). Now it has become an Institute and I teach in Luxembourg-city again this year ( 2009-2010). Some of my students have a blog ( now .

In 2001 I started painting again when expecting my older
daughter Camille,(I have a second daughter, Elsa). I've never stopped painting since.

In September 2002, I went to an exhibition of W. Bird's paintings in Le Crès (South of France). A woman there said the artist wanted other artists to paint a mandala for him. She stared at me and said I was an artist. So I believed her.
I have also been encouraged a lot into painting since and painting helps me relax.
I've always loved all forms of Art. However, the artists I admire most are Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh. My paintings are what I call "psychological"paintings, that is to say they are cathartic. I also paint landscapes, which my younger sister mostly encouraged me into doing.
I exhibit my paintings along with a friend, Antonietta.
In our paintings, you find our lives'concerns, landscapes of here and of elsewhere.

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