samedi 23 avril 2011

Les avions au Luxembourg

Voici une photo que je voulais prendre depuis longtemps, pour montrer comme les avions sont proches des voitures, de l'autoroute et de la ville (ce sera encore une autre photo pour plus tard) au Luxembourg, comme c'est impressionnant.


dimanche 3 avril 2011

Roger Leiner at the Galerie 77

Roger Leiner is a famous Luxembourgish Cartoonist and you can still admire and buy his original drawings exhibited at the Galerie 77 on Saturday 9th April and on Sunday 10th April from 3pm to 6pm. I went to see his exhibition. It is very nice and you will learn about Luxembourgish culture and Luxembourgish sense of humour if you go and see it. I was lucky to meet Roger Leiner there but I didn't stay long enough for a chat. If you want to know more about him, visit his website