dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Jean-Marc Lantz 's paintings at the Gallery Maggy Stein

Chantal Schenten-Keller and Jean-Marc Lantz

This afternoon, my family and I went to the Gallery Maggy Stein in Bettembourg, to see a painting exhibition of Jean-Marc Lantz. The painting exhibition is on until February 6th 2011 and it is from 3 pm to 7 pm. It is true as Alain Steffen put it that the moon image is predominant in most of his paintings in oil with a mixed technique. Jean-Marc Lantz is also an English teacher in a Lycée in Esch.
My favourite paintings by him are "Wu Wei", "Dimanche Tranquille" in all its versions, "Journée fructueuse" in all its versions, "Wüstendasein", "Artenreichtum", "Like leaves we touch", "Les heures claires" and "The Medusa Cascades". His painting "Ici il fait beau 2" is a painting of plants that smile, a bit like some of my paintings of flowers. I like his lighthouse. His paintings are quite abstract in a way that I like.
He is preoccupied by time, the sea, and nature, these are topics I also cherish.

Nadine Kay

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Susan Briscoe a dit…

Thanks for posting some photos of Jean-Marc's latest work. I have some of his paintings from twenty years ago, when we shared an exhibition in Luxembourg city. The sea images go back a long way, when he lived in Wales, UK.

Does he have a website yet? I'd love to see more of his recent work.

Le blog de Nadine Kay et son art a dit…

Dear Susan,

I don't know Jean-Marc personally, but here is my email address nkheintz@pt.lu. I will see what information I can get for you.