lundi 27 juin 2011

Snail caviar-le caviar des escargots

I noticed the other day on television that snail caviar was becoming popular. Well, I wanted to pay a tribute to my grandfather Georges Charles who was an eminent French scientist and who wanted to introduce snail caviar in Thailand in 2001. Imagine that my grandfather was born in 1914 and passed away in 2007!!! Yet in 2001 he had all his head. He spoke Arabic (normal, born in Algeria, a French Pied-Noir) and French. He always admired me because I speak English and French thanks to my parents and said I was so lucky to speak those two languages. Generally, when you are lucky about something, you don't notice it and you think it is normal. Well, anyway, I wrote to the Thai Professor to whom I still correspond, to ask him to send me all the documents my grandfather had written on the subject and my translation and he did it! So I thank him, because it is a terrible thing to ask someone: give me back all my belongings. He cried in sending them to me and I cried for the same reasons we both know when recieving the whole information.
I just beg the people who intend to use this information to use the system of fair trade that exists in the world and in fact my message here is for the Thai people mostly: you can breed snails to have snail caviar in your country!!!So implement the project by following my grandfather's work for your people.


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