mardi 14 mai 2013

7e Biennale d'Art Contemporain de la Commune de Strassen du 3 au 12 mai 2013


I went to the 7th biennal of Art in Strassen and I loved it!
I loved Chantal Maquet's elderly people bathing.  It looked as if they were in a swimming pool because they had their bathing caps on but at the same time there was a tree there.  And the water was beautifully rendered.  I would like to paint water like this.  Mine looks very still.
I also loved Susan Martin's flowers and nature.  I can't render nature so well either. Her acrylic paintings are close to photography.  I know that with i-pads we can do wonderful things, but I have not tried yet.  If you want to see all the paintings exhibited there, you can buy the booklets at the Centre culturel Paul Barblé where it took place.
Here are nevertheless a few photos I took that I would like to share with you because I know the artists and I know they allow me to put the photos on my blog to share them with you.

Rafael Springer's paintings are very daring.  At the same time, female masturbation is something that some in this world don't want to accept that it exists.  Yet, it is a long debate.  Why are some people against the fact that women can find pleasure too (and naturally)?
Rafael 's other painting is alos very intimate.  The woman is of a Marilyn Monroe type.  His characters are always so beautiful!

Now Kingsley Ogwara and his gatering.  It is an important moment.  It is nice when people meet.  There are so many people, it is nice.  People in Kingsley's paintings are what counts.  Nothing else is important.


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