dimanche 26 octobre 2014


We’ll definitely be there, you said.
And I waited.
There were a couple of people,
Mostly single men.
They stared at me.
I had a cherry apple juice.
I read Josaine Kartheiser’s latest Krimi.
First time I really read in German.
First time I really enjoy reading in German,
So I didn’t waist my time.
I really enjoyed it.
I saw the paintings.
Practically only portraits of women.
Finally painted.  I saw the progress,
After all those years.
But I will not write about it.
Once in a while as women
We need to assert ourselves as women.
We need « to shout » we exist.
Particularly when we’re in our thirties.
We are slaves to men.
But are we ?
After procreation
Women become quite equal to men in love.
Love becomes for love.
For pleasure, lust.
« Geniess ».
It is a more pleasant period in life.
The scent of the flower
Love, the power.
Orgasm.  Shush ! Taboo.  Close the door.
More often.
More fun.
A woman is not a gun.
No war.

Nadine Kay

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